For five years we have created a successful network of children's centers - 11 of our own and 5 under management for Metro Cash & Carry Ukraine, Auchan, and the Zatoka water park. Our experience is multifaceted. And the network is constantly growing. We opened a point in Dubai in 2020 under a franchise.
The success of "Tommy Life" is that we know exactly what children dream about, what games they like and what toys they want to play. And we also understand the expectations of parents, and they, with a calm heart and full confidence in safety, can leave a child from 2 years old to the most caring nannies.
We invite partners to open Tommy Life centers in your city. If you are ambitious, love children, are ready to learn and are looking for a business with high profit and a strong mission - fill out the form!
Darina Mayorova
Founder and cheif of the "Tommy Life" network

About Company
The mission of "Tommy Life" is to be a place where childhood dreams come true, while parents relax in peace of mind for their child.
Design and content
✧ Optimal format of the children's center: area 50-70 sq.m.
✧ Location in popular shopping malls. We know how to get the best rental conditions.
✧ Original design, zoning to accommodate various activities for children
✧ Filling only the best and most popular toys, their constant updating. We know where and how to buy toys profitably
Nannies and methods of work with kids
✧ Our nannies are the most caring! We have developed a methodology for the selection and training of personnel, which is received by all partnet and franchisees.
✧ "Tommy Life" is already creating a methodology for babysitting with children with leading psychologists. This technique is very valuable and will be available without payment to all our partners.
"Tips" of Tommy Life
✧ Animation is an integral part of the game center
✧ Schedule of events and regular holidays
✧ We give children the opportunity to become popular cartoon characters
✧ We develop a school of young video bloggers
✧ Giveaways, notification system for parents, ritual games for children.


For our partners

We offer to become our Partner and open "Tommy Life" in a shopping center or a popular hotel / restaurant in your city. Benefit for all participants:
For kids 2+
Caring nannies, the best toys, creativity and games. A place where you want to come back again!
For parents
Ability to leave the child with nanny in safity. Parents devote more time to shopping, which significantly increases the average check.
For a landlord
Additional service for parents with children. Any novelty in services of a hypermarket or a hotel is a guarantee of attention!
For a Partner
Own business with an understandable business model, ready-made methods for working with personnel + a proven accounting and management system. Easy to run, manage and profit

Founder Darina Mayorova
Founder and mastermind of the Tommy Life network, managing partner children's play centers.
She studied at the "SeaShow" School of Animation, where she became the winner and received the title of "Golden Animator" of the 4th stream #schoolmarshow (2019, Moscow)
Children are incredible energy, sincerity and inspiration. They know how to dream, love and show emotions in a way that adults have already forgotten how to do.

I have 2 children, and I know exactly what children need.

And I also know exactly how important it is for parents to sometimes be without children, while being 100% sure that their children are safe.

That is why my husband and I created the PlayVille chain (one in Dubai), now called Tommy Life, to enter the international market. Our network is popular with children and parents.

We invite you to join this bright and inspiring business. Welcome to the Tommy Life Family of Partners
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for business development
(for existing kids rooms and centers)

✧ Introductory consultation 30 minutes free (by phone or skype / zoom)
✧ Business audit (organizational, financial, audit of the range of services / goods for children and prices, audit of events and animation (if necessary), safety, personnel assessment)
✧ Setting goals for business development
✧ Development of measures, consulting and support for implementation to the result

price of service: from $2000

All your questions about the franchise write to direct Instagram @darinamajorova1
More than 120,000 children have already visited and are constantly returning to our play centers. Their enthusiasm inspires us to develop the network in other cities.
We are also proud of the success of our partners who make a profit by opening Tommy Life children's centers.
We look forward to your achievements - we want to be proud of you too. We are confident in your success!